Evil Dead: The Game Review

In terms of the films are concerned, The Evil Dead series has a history of being far superior than it is entitled to be, with its low-budget warts and all. Evil Dead: The Game is now exactly in the same spot. Although it has a few irritating elements such as the slight inclines my sluggish survivor could not respond to overcome, naive commands, and much more however, it is a complete success in being a well-balanced thrilling fight of wits and recollections that kept me entertained over the course of more than 20 hours of play – which isn’t a small feat. In addition to the clunkiness the survivor role achieves the terrifying feel of working together to defeat a massive danger, and playing with the menacing demon makes for a thrillingly entertaining adventure that fits the fantasies of the evil mastermind.

It’s true, Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical game for multiplayer in similar fashion to similar games like Dead By Daylight or Friday 13th however, it’s played with a wacky, Bruce Campbell-smothered flair that’s equally bizarre and fun as the classic films. The game’s mechanics aren’t that unique about it. In each match, four survivors are grouped together to ensure that they don’t get injured for long enough to complete an act that eliminates every evil thing from the world and all the while experiencing the true terror of the geometry of the map. In the meantime there is a villain who does all they can to kill the survivors with the army of dead troops and some slew of tricks that are so deliciously satisfying that it’s difficult to feel sorry for the souls who succumb to your terrifying power. This match between cat and mouse can be a total thrill no matter which the side of you’re playing, even if the rough edges of it make you scream more than any other jump-scare.

It’s a bit different from other genres in the sense that humans can defend themselves. Being a survivor in the game is like a familiar, team-based 3rd-person shooter which draws much of its inspiration from battle royale genre where you’re racing around with a team searching for loot and taking out enemies as you get stronger. But here, your objective isn’t simply survival, but to complete objectives such as collecting map pieces and protecting areas to collect relics required to complete the purification ritual. With a variety of ranged and melee weapons to choose from along with 13 different characters available to pick from, each having distinct skills and abilities to be cultivated, the game’s progression system sucked me to me from the beginning with possible ways it can be played out. For instance, the Hunter class characters are awe-inspiring shooting ranged weapons, and possess capabilities that make them a significant enemy to the demon , for instance, the one character who is able to exorcise demons from the bodies they’ve taken. You could also opt to take on the role of a Leader class character such as The hilarious Lord Arthur who is a classic knight who flings swords around and buffs the entire team with powers which make them more dangerous in battle.

Evil Dead: The Game is a fantastic Asymmetric multiplayer experience that just like its predecessor it is superior to what it deserves to be, given its absence of polish and its relatively lacking in map and mode. The game’s survival mode is a thrilling cooperative shooting experience, despite the frequent issues with the level’s geometry, which is a mess which leads to unjust deaths and other baffling design decisions, while being the villain is incredible due to the amusingly savage ways you can sabotage your opponent. The story missions for single players are a nightmare that I could have gotten through without having to go through the game for unlocks, but the rest of the game is worthy of the classic cheesy film that were the inspiration for it.